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Do Antibiotics Help Eye Infections

When pink eye is caused by infection, it is usually caused by a virus, so antibiotics will not help. Still, pink eye caused by a virus can last several days. Pink eye caused by an infection with bacteria can be treated with antibiotic eye drops or gels. Pink eye caused by other problems can be treated with eye drops normally used to treat allergies. Primary healthcare providers should avoid prescribing topical antibiotics for an eye infection unless the patient has bacterial conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis is common and self-limiting. Urgent referral to an ophthalmologist for microbiological samples and treatment is needed for infectious keratitis and endophthalmitis. 4 hours agoDr. McEver Prescribes. The vast majority of respiratory infections are viral in nature, caused by viruses such as influenza, SARS-CoV-2 or common cold viruses like the rhinovirus. Antibiotics will have no effect on these pathogens. Nevertheless, the symptoms of these illnesses — cough, mucus, congestion, sore throat, fever, headache, muscle.

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